Audition Coaching

                Coaching for multiple Actors attending SETC and UPTA auditions.

                SETC professional audition assistant 2008 - present

Greenville Light Opera Works (2014) - Master Class In Commedia Dell'Arte


                    " David Sebren's Commedia workshop was superb.  His innate sense
                of fun, combined with his patient and encouraging teaching style put the
                singers and actors participating at ease.  David's ability to gently push each
                participant to stretch their mental and physical limits was impressive, and
                lots of laughs were had in the process! "

                - Jenna Tamisiea, GLOW Artistic Director

                    " The Commedia dell’Arte workshop pushed me out of my comfort zone the
                most by far, but I did wind up enjoying it a lot. I think it helped free me up                                    physically more than any of the others— in the past, I don’t think I would have                            thought to move like I did in the final workshop. Once you get over the initial “I                        feel like the biggest imbecile” feeling, all the movement and character work is                            really very freeing."

                - Participant

    T. C. Roberson High School (2014)

" In September of 2014 I had the honor of hosting Mr. Sebren in my high school                    classroom.  His energy was a raging success with my students in their Commedia
                Dell'Arte workshop! In addition to student engagement, Mr. Sebren is talented                            with disguising learning historical information as exciting out-of-your-desk fun.                        The students have already requested his return next semester and with luck, so                        will I.

                -Ms. Sarah Leary, T.C. Roberson High School (Asheville, NC)

    Parkway Playhouse (2014) -  Master Class in Commedia Dell'Arte

    Galileo Magnet High School (2013) - Master Class in Commedia Dell'Arte
                   " During my IB Theatre course, Mr. Sebren was invited to lead a
            performance workshop on Commedia Dell Arte.  Students immediately
to his expertise and spent the next two weeks in class developing
            original scenarios based upon the performances that originated with
            Mr. Sebren's instruction.  When each student gave their orals at the
            end of the year, the original workshop class was a highlight for them

            -Mr. Glenn Weyler, Galileo Magnet High School (Danville, VA)

    Brevard College (2011) Movement Coach for Taming of the Shrew (Commedia Dell"Arte)

    The Illusion Factory (2010 - 2011) Residency workshops for two tours
        (Stage Movement, Exploring Movement)

    Brevard College (2010)  Business of Theatre Workshop

    Carson High School (2010) Business of Theatre Workshop